Just like the lines of Orhan Veli Kanik, the poet of the seas and Istanbul;


I am listening to Istanbul with eyes wide close

Cool Kapalicarsi

Chirping and twittering Mahmutpasa

Courtyards full of pigeons

Sounds of hammer coming from docks

Sweat smells in this nice spring wind

I am listening to Istanbul with eyes wide close

Istanbul has at all times been an attractive city that is desired. Each and every empire was attracted by her charm and attempted to conquer her but the City lost her heart to Sultan Mehmet, the great Conquer.


Istanbul of 7 hills, today called Metropolis connecting 2 continents to each other.


A city where world citizens of many languages, religions and cultures live.

Taksim; the heart, the center, the vital point of Istanbul.


The venue, where we share either individually or as a society our joy or sorrow. A square, where we sometimes meet our friends or join with hundreds of people, the Square of Taksim.


That's where our story begins. A hidden hotel only steps away from the Square of Taksim, as opened on May 20th, 2005 with its construction started 2 years ago. Taksim Metropark Hotel is a brand new and fresh hotel aiming at delivering both local and foreign guests the comfort they enjoy at their homes in the middle of city under a warm atmosphere. Somethings just cannot be explained by works, we suggest you to know us with small tours even if you do not stay.


You will absolutely be our guest one day.


Hoping to see you soon...

Deluxe Room

Family Room

Standart Room

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